Beggin For Thread by BANKS
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Stooped down and out
You got me beggin for thread
To sew this hole up that you ripped in my head.

BanksBeggin for Thread (out tomorrow July 22 on iTunes)

Atonement by Anberlin
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Atonement | Anberlin

i found peace in a foreign atonement
i lost myself in tides of a moment
but nothing compares
(I need to know you believe in me)

The Crooked Kind by Radical Face
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Shadows dance around the room. 
I know their names. 
I carry their blood too.
They sing forgotten songs, but I know the words.
They’ve been with me since I was born.
As I grew, I danced with them too.

Mad Sounds by Arctic Monkeys
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love buckles under the strain of those wild nights